I want to be an Angel Investor

I want to be an Angel Investor:

I am an Angel Investor in Geometry

Who is an Angel Investor?

Angel investors are accredited, in other words, investors who invest in early-stage and growth-stage startups. It is expressed as a special type of investor who invests in high-risk and high-growth potential businesses at an early stage of their establishment.

Geometry Angel Investment Network

Geometry Angel Investment Network, which implements the Rolling Fund model applied in the process of investment in technology startups in Europe and the USA, with the status of a Joint Stock Company and within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code, realizes its investments with the capital it has acquired via the investments that it has received and continues to receive from both from individual and institutional investors.

Angel investors in the Geometry Angel Investment Network participate in Geometry as a shareholder, also do not pay management fees and membership fees.

Investment decisions are made with 'Common Mind' at the Investment Meeting, held every month. Angel investor, who is included in Geometry Angel Investment Network, takes an active part in all investment decisions.