We support startups to get to know and better understand their target audience, that is, their potential customer base, and we work with them to develop this business further.

Geometry Angel Investment Network, which implements the Rolling Fund model applied in the process of investment in technology startups in Europe and the USA with the status of a Joint Stock Company and within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code, realizes its investments with its own capital along with the investment it has received and continues to receive from both individual and institutional investors.

While the investments are made with a 3-week rapid evaluation process, the target is to support the growth of startups in a short time with capital and know-how support for commercialization and exportation processes.

Melih Efeoğlu, the founder of Geometri Angel Investment Network, works on the commercialization, business development, and investment of early-stage technology startups. He has worked in various institutions within the Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for more than 8 years and has been involved in the delivery of more than $4M capital to technology startups as grants or investments.


I have been working with early-stage startups for more than 8 years. During this period, I tried to add value to startups as much as possible in their commercialization, business development, and investment processes. Now, in order to do more and enable startups to access capital in a short time, I founded Geometry Angel Investment Network. My goal is to bring people together who can provide capital and value to startups and support startups in their commercialization and exportation processes.