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Geometry Angel Investment Network

Invests $20K in early-stage technology startups.

Facilitates the process of angel investing by providing low-risk investment opportunities.

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We are interested in algorithms, platform tech, materials and IoT.

For Individuals and Companies Who Want to Become an Angel Investor and Make an Angel Investment

Syndicate Model

We simplify the investment process in early-stage technology startups with an angel investment model, which reduces the risks and facilitates joint investment.

Decision Making with Common Mind

Investment decisions are made jointly at monthly online meetings organized by Geometry Angel Investment Network and investor partners.

Periodic Reports and Follow-ups of Startups

The development and updates of portfolio companies and other startups in the investment process are regularly reported to all investor partners at least once a month.

Remote Accessibility

The meetings and all other related activities take place online.

For Technology Startups

Three-Week Evaluation Process

At the monthly Investor Partners Meeting of Geometry Angel Investment Network, the presentations of the startups are watched and then decided which ventures will be included in the investment round. Startups targeting global markets are being evaluated for investment.

Investing with Co-investment or Future Conversion of Financing into Shares

Investments are made by co-investment in the investment round or with the Convertible Note (Capital Convertible Financing Agreement) method in order to be able to invest in the company faster.


Another purpose, along with investment, is to cooperate where needed so that startups can find a place in new markets.

Business Development

We support startups to get to know and better understand their target audience, that is, their potential customer base, and we work with them to develop this business further.