blog-back Turkey's 14 Active Angel Investment Networks


Turkey's 14 Active Angel Investment Networks

While listing these angel investment networks, we listed them alphabetically and took samples from their portfolios.

  1. Angel Effect

Angel Effect is an angel investors network platform that provides high impact investment opportunities for investors and a change to get funding for startups! Within the scope of this initiative, We aim to bring professionals who is not included entrepreneurial ecosystem because of different reasons or could not invest because of high investment amounts to entrepreneurial ecosystem, develop an ecosystem that will produce successful startups, able to fast and healthy transfer process in talents and information by investing abroad startups, increase number of successful startups in our country as a result. Together, we invest in high-impact, early-stage companies led by amazing teams with global mindset all over the world.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Aposto!, Clotie, ULive, Hub21

  1. Arya Women Investment Platform

Arya Women's Investment Platform is the only women-oriented investment platform in Turkey. It brings together women-led companies with angel investors who will invest in “smart money”. Arya's strength lies in her ability to combine the financial and professional resources of her investors to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs. Arya Investors consist of successful entrepreneur women and men who believe that women are opportunities.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Optiyol, Nebyan Doğal, Teleporter, Tridi

  1. Bodrum Angels

Bodrum Angels is a value creation platform that gathers investors who have the capital and vision to invest in early stage startups under a single roof, identifies startups with growth potential and brings them together with investors. We work for entrepreneurs to devote their time to creating value, not seeking investment. Until you get your next investment, easily share the status of your venture with your investors in Bodrum. Request a meeting if necessary, design the next step in your value creation adventure with your new partners.


  1. Buba Ventures

BUBA is a micro ecosystem, bringing together entrepreneurs seeking financing and investors seeking promising entrepreneurs and early stage companies for investment on an individual basis. BUBA’s mission is to link promising business plans and ventures with investors, help potential investors to get started, create a framework for the exchange of ideas and experiences among investors, raise awareness regarding the role of private investment in society and business.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Sarmal, Segmentify, Networkdry

  1. EGİAD Angels Investment Network

EGİAD Angels Investment Network is an entrepreneur support system established by the Aegean Young Business People Association. Business and entrepreneurial ideas that meet the determined criteria are contacted with potential investors in the system. EGİAD Angels Investment Network offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from a wide ecosystem.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: ART Labs, Evimdeki Psikolog, Agrovisio, Cognitiwe

  1. ERBAN-Erciyes Business Angel Network

Established by Erciyes Technopark Inc. It's the first accredited angel investor network in Kayseri. It operates with the aim of revitalizing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region, realizing value-added projects with the support of angel investors and contributing to their growth.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Promoseed, Klonbiyotek, Batron Arge

  1. Galata Business Angels

Galata Business Angels is Istanbul’s premier angel investor organization. GBA is a formal group of executives, entrepreneurs and angel investors who are interested in investing their time and money into new, cutting edge, startup companies. GBA members have founded companies such as AirTies,,, and and been senior executives at the likes of Apple, eBay, Maxim, Turkcell and DBI.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Neol, Kolay IK, Revival, Juphy

  1. Geometry Venture Development | Angel Investment Network

Geometry Venture Development is Angel Investment Network Company that focuses on early stage startupinvestment. Invests $20K in technology startups. Simplifies the process for people who want to become angel investors.

Link: Portfolio: Nebyan Doğal, Barty, Barakatech, Enhencer, HoustonBionics, Octovan, Oda Studio GlaucoT, Datanchor, Sweephy, Latissim, Smpl

  1. Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum is the world's largest angel investor network with 53 branches in 4 continents and over 3,000 accredited - licensed investor members. Technology, consumer goods, internet, health, energy, real estate etc. He has mediated over $800 million in angel investments in more than 1000 entrepreneurial companies in various high-growth industries. It has more than 100 angel investors in Turkey.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: HoloVit, Pazardan, Insumo, Remotify

  1. Reinves Capital

Our network, which was established in order to provide the financing needed by the startups in technology and production activities at an early stage, has started to sign important investments in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We inform our angel investors about entrepreneurial opportunities by making continuous reports, and become a communication bridge between national and global networks and investors.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Fonbulucu, Klonbiyotek, PromoSEED, Hamurla

  1. Q Angels

Established as the Koç University Alumni Angel Investment Network, Q Angels aims to contribute to the growth of startups by bringing together our graduate investors who have experience in different sectors and innovative technology initiatives. With Q Angels, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of our graduate investors while reaching the financial investment and business network they need to achieve their goals.

Link: Portfolio Startup: Makswin

  1. Şirket Ortağım Angel Investment Network

Şirket Ortağım Angel Investor Network is one of Turkey's first angel investor networks accredited by the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury. Şirket Ortağım Angel Investor Network aims to guide entrepreneurs in all sectors that the Undersecretariat of Treasury deems suitable for investment, regardless of the sectoral difference, and aim to transfer their knowledge and experience as well as invest in the angel investors in its network for their ventures.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: Pazardan, Roltek, SmartCV, SmartOpt

  1. T – Gate

T-Gate is an ecosystem where Fintech entrepreneurship is promoted, where entrepreneurs and investors come together. It is the 'door' to the global. T-Gate houses a Technology Centre(TEKMER) coupled with an Investors Club where you can find resources for FinTech entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the regional technology and finance space.

Link: Portfolio Startup: Robusta

  1. TR Angels

The founders are people from different professions who have worked as a professional manager or entrepreneur in different fields of expertise and in different sectors, most of whom have "angel investor" certificates. The purpose of the company; is to support projects that are expected to create significant benefits in the early stages of business, science and technology initiatives and, when supported, in a short time across the country or the world.

Link: Some of Portfolio Startups: PackUpp, SensAI, ERG Controls, Biftek